Acceptable Use Policy



Wireless Internet Service by SCTC


Updated 11/07/2019


Definitions – For the purpose of clarity the following terms are defined:

Network – The collection of computer and radio equipment, and software required to provide wireless Internet service and other network services to our customers

Wireless ConnectionThe equipment and services which connect the Customer to SCTC’s Network, including radio, cabling, antennas

InternetThe collection of computer networks that are interconnected world-wide and utilize the TCP/IP protocol stack to communicate with each other

Internet Server – Computer that has the necessary software and hardware to provide content and standard internet services to clients who access it through the Internet


General - SCTC provides high-speed wireless (IEEE 802.11) TCP/IP Internet connections to its customers.  SCTC reserves the right to terminate or restrict access to Internet or to the Customer’s account through SCTC's backbone. In the event of such an issue, SCTC's maximum liability is limited to refunding the pro-rated monthly access charge. SCTC shall be held harmless of any wrong doing/s of any Customer, while connected to the Internet using our services or equipment. Customer must NOT use their account for ANY illegal purpose or activity. Such violation will terminate their account immediately while holding the Customer liable on their unpaid balance.

Data Transfer Limit – The Data Transfer Limit is currently unlimited gigabytes (GB) per calendar month. For the security and integrity of SCTC’s wireless network, SCTC at any time, has the authorization to contact Customer to make sure the data transfer is data the Customer is aware of and data that cannot negatively impact the network or impact another Customer’s ability to utilize the Network, i.e., adware, bots, bugs, rootkits, spyware, Trojan horses, viruses, and worms.  Usage that negatively impacts other Customer’s ability to utilize the Network including, but not limited to file sharing, peer to peer or bit-torrents will also not be tolerated.  In such case if a Customer does not willingly reduce their Data Transfer Limit the service will be temporarily suspended.  In the event that a Customer continues to negatively impact the Network their service will be permanently disconnected.

Local Area Networks (LAN) – Local Area Networks (LAN) - Customer may connect personal devices such as but not limited to computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. on a Local Area Network at Customer's Location, and allow those devices access to the Internet through the Wireless Connection provided by SCTC, only if Customer uses a device which functions as a gateway, such as a router or firewall.

Web Servers – Customer is allowed to connect Internet Servers (i.e. webservers or email servers) to the Wireless Connection, and recognizes that SCTC is not responsible for the configuration of such servers.  Customer also recognizes that surcharges may apply in accordance with the Data Transfer Limit stated in this Acceptable Use Policy.  The Customer is responsible for the content of Customer’s Internet Servers.

Non-Compete – Customer may not utilize the Wireless Connection to SCTC for the purpose of extending Internet access or Network access to third parties within or out of Customer’s location, without the written consent of SCTC, whether or not Customer charges third parties a fee for such access.  This does not prevent Customer from selling time on the computer registered with our service or on the computers described herein under Local Area Networks.

Liability – SCTC, their agents, employees and/or associates are not responsible for loss of business, or any damages whatsoever, incurred during the usage of the Internet or its subnets, or for network outages, regular maintenance schedules, hardware and software upgrading periods, outages or electronic/mechanical/equipment malfunction or failure, due to weather, earthquakes, fire, vandalism, lightning, or electrical surges, during which time the Customer may not have access to Customer's account. Customer agrees to binding arbitration for all disputes that may arise.

Outages – SCTC will, in the event of a network outage, issue a credit equal to the pro-rated fee paid by Customer.  A network outage is defined as an unscheduled, unexpected loss of service that is at least one day in duration.  Any credits will be accounted for on a monthly basis.

Changes - Customer agrees to follow the Acceptable Use Policy.  The Acceptable Use Policy may be updated from time to time and reasonable notice will be given to customer regarding such updates.